New products Wat07-EH3

    WAT07-EH3 is a new compact system for daily tour guiding. The receiver has a size of Bluetooth earphone. It can be hanged on ear and is very convenient to use. The speaker of the receiver is out of ear and very easy to be cleaned. There is no need to use a wired headphone. The receiver is powered by rechargeable Lithium battery. The battery can last 8-9 hours per charge. The ear-hook is replaceable and can be positioned for left and right ears.

    The WAT07-EH system has the following features:

·       Handheld or body pack transmitters are available

·       200 meters distance

·        Receiver can be hanged on ear. The speaker is out of ear.

·        Battery can last 8-9 hours.

·        One button to set receiver channels and turn off all the recievers.

·        High-Tech Rechargeable Lithium battery with large capacity. Very light weight.

·         65-83 independent channels to work at the same location

·         Multi-unit charging case is available