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The portable Wireless Audio Transceiver (WAT) system consists of an audio transmitter and a set of receivers, which is perfectly suitable for international conferences requiring multi-language support and scenic spots holding many different touring parties.

The WAT01-NG2 (next generation 2) is our newest product. It keeps all the essential features (long distance, very clear sound, multi-channels) of our old WAT01 system. It has a new design so that it has contact-charging points, and two-way inputs for transmitters. It can allow two guides to speak at the same time. It can allow MP3 playing and voice talking at the same time.

The WAT01-NG2 system has the following features:

  •  Limitless amount of wireless receivers for each transmitter.
  •  Stationary transmitter available with MP3 playing function. Two way sound mixing function.
  •  Advanced microchips to ensure very little noises and compact size.
  •  Transmitter has mute function and two-way inputs for voice and MP3 file playing. Allow two guides to speak at the same time.
  •  Over 200 meters range from the transmitter to receivers.
  •  50-100 independent channels, up to 25 work simultaneously at the same location.
  •  Receiver rechargeable Lithium battery can last up to 32 hours.
  •  Easy to use ¨drop in〃 multi-unit battery charger and microUSB charging jack.
  •  Slim and compact design, easy to carry. Smallest size in our catalog.




Wave band

794-806MHz, 902-915MHz, 823-832Mhz, 863-865MHz, or 2.4GHz

No. of channels

50-100 for UHF (10-25 work simultaneously at one location), 83 for 2.4GHz 


150 m for UHF (Open ground/without interference), 50-80m for 2.4 GHz 

Output Power

10 dBm 


-115 dBm

Frequency Response

20-16kHz for UHF, 20-10KHz for 2.4G

S/N ratio

>60 db


3.5mm microphone/audio


3.5mm earphone/audio 

Power supply

3.7 V Rechargeable Lithium battery, 18-32 hours battery life for receiver, 4 hours charging time


76mm x 51mm x 16mm


45 grams including rechargeable Lithium battery

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